Late Summer 2019 Cross Bar Pad Minis are released

(made for 4pc, cruiser, and other bars with thicker cross-bars)

Summer 2019 Limited Edition Heat Wave BMX Pad Set and Tank Tops

(only a few Tanks were made (& 1 padset) released at the Grindworks BMX Jam.)

Summer 2019 / Limited Edition Dragon Pads

Spring 2019 / Water Proof Camo & Pocket Cross Bar pads

Winter 2019 / 1 of 1s

FALL 2018 / 10-Year Anniversary

This was a 10-year anniversary of sorts. Brought back some old designs, and added some new ones.


Heat Wave Tank Tops.
Dyed and Printed in-house.


The Yea BMX Pad sets released.
Introducing a slimmer yet functional BMX padset. Cross bar pad has a smaller diameter for most modern handlebars. Stem Buddy was invented to be a newer stem pad with protection where you need it. 100% made in-house.

Fuckswitit Friday vid: ◂Eeshond Kirk▸

Winter 2018 Collection


Fuckswitit Friday vid: ◂Matt Smith▸

Fuckswitit Friday vid: ◂Groovy▸

Fuckswitit Friday vid: ◂Trees▸

Fall 2017 Collection

◂BCK2SCHL Commercial▸

◂Trees / Matt / Groovy Split part▸

◂Ledge Dressing Promo▸

◂Standard Def 7 Matt n Angus▸

◂Trees Extras n Outtakes▸


◂Trees full part▸

◂Standard Def 6 Mix Section▸

◂Y4K Matt n Marc▸

◂Weekend w/ Cork▸

Spring 2016


◂Weekend in Pittsburgh▸

Winter 2015

Fall 2015

Summer 2015

Spring 2015

Fall 2014

Spring 2014

◂Real Good in Rochester▸



◂Fuckswitit Trailer▸

◂Matt for The Yea▸

◂Mclovin scraps▸

◂Panual Mad video▸

◂Doney, Sage, Mclovin split▸

◂Matt Mclovin split▸

Spring 2011

◂48 Hours Road trip mix▸

◂Matt Smith x LLP edit▸

◂Loughead n Co. Edit▸



Dan N Dan sporting the batwing tee at the original 2x4 BMX store

First videos made:
◂300 x I Declare War▸
◂The Jurassic Strain▸


First hand made shirt and first professionally made shirts are released.